Just like people, bees require proper nutrition. Knowing which food to feed your bees, and at what time of year is important. Knowing how to make your own bee food also makes you a better beekeeper and keeps more money in your pocket. Check out these articles on bee food for pest management and good nutrition. They are easy to make and inexpensive too!

This is a collection pf recipes I found online for making your own Honey Bee Healthy style supplement.

You can create "quick candy" for your bees in a pinch!

You may have heard of fondant. It is the sugar putty on many decorative cakes you see in bakeries and like the Bee cake pictured above. It also makes a great food for honey bees.

Granulated sugar should only be used in emergencies, such as when a bee colony is actively starving due to depleted stores of honey or nectar.

This article focuses on the debate about exactly which carbohydrate bees eat for fuel.

This is an easy to make pollen substitute recipe, enriched with vitamin C,  that you can feed your bees to boost brood production when natural sources are scarce.

Grease patties and extender patties are used to treat several different bee pests including tracheal mites, American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood.