There are many pests which infest honey bees and their hives. We try to provide informative articles on those pests. How best to manage them either through natural, chemical or beehive management techniques are covered. We hope you find our articles on bee pest management useful and informative.

A new study is out showing that vaporized oregano oil showed the highest efficacy of any treatment tested so far.

EPA Approves Oxalic Acid for treatment of varroa destructor in honeybee colonies!

Short video to show the effectiveness of Freeman style small hive beetle traps after being placed on an infected hive for 24 hours.

Any Roach bait will work, so long as it contains "Fipronil".

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Update - The EPA Has approved Oxalic acid for the treatment of Varroa Destrctor in honey bee colonies! See this link for the EPA Document

What is Varroa Destructor?

Varroa Mite, an invasive pest of the honey bee is destroying hives at an alarming rate.

A small hive beetle infestation can ruin a hive in a hurry. The larvae hatch and then defecate on the honeycomb as they migrate down the hive and outside.