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Boardman Entrance Feeder plans

This is a free plan which allows you  build the Boardman style entrance feeder


"Don The Fat Bee Man" no-drown hive top feeder

This patented no-drown hive top feeder is produced with permission from "Don The Fat Bee Man"


#6 Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh - Precut to fit hives

3.2mm avg. aperture #6 Hardware cloth for beekeepers.


#6 Wire Mesh By the Sq. Foot

#6 Wire Mesh sold by the Sq. foot.


#7 Wire Mesh By the Sq. Foot

As low as $1.75 per Sq Ft

3.175mm - 0.125" aperture #7 galvanized wire mesh sold by the Sq. foot.


#7 Wire Mesh pre-cut to fit hives

#7 galvanized wire mesh pre-cut to fit hives.


4 3/4" (14.29 cm) Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation - Natural

As low as $0.95 each!

Right-Cell plastic foundation for groove top and groove bottom frames.