You can literally save bees and kids by joining us as Beekeepers against juvenile diabetes! The Juvenile diabetes research foundation is an organization dedicated to wiping out type 1 diabetes. a debilitating disease that affects kids and adults worldwide.


Our beekeepers against juvenile diabetes program is a way to not only save bees by providing high-quality food sources with wildflowers that pollinators and honey bees love but also to help end type 1 juvenile diabetes disease.

I do not think anyone could argue that bees do not need more natural forage in the form of wildflowers that they love as favored food sources. So they need help as well. Our program provides a way for you to help bees by planting seeds that grow into favored nectar sources for bees. Such as Zinnia, sunflowers, Plains Coreopsis, and red poppies.

These plants grow in all ten agricultural regions in the United States. They also do not require planting as they are all broadcast seeds. This means you just need to throw them in the ground and keep the area moist until they sprout. They are a super-rich source of nectar and offer a high-quality nearly year-round food source for your honey bees and other native pollinators.

The seed packs will cover 10 square feet per pack, so it only takes a few to create a super-rich feeding area in your yard, pasture, or garden.

If you join us in becoming beekeepers against juvenile diabetes you would be helping bees with the forage they need and also would be helping fund research to end this terrible disease.

 To become beekeepers against juvenile diabetes you simply need to purchase "Feed the Bees seed packs" which are available in our shop for only $2.50 including shipping.

Please help end childhood type 1 diabetes and provide a food source for the honey bees by purchasing a seed pack.

100% of the profit from the sale of these seed packs will be donated by Funny Bug Bees And Wood Works to the JDRF. 

To become beekeepers against juvenile diabetes and order seed packs click here.