We at funny bug bees are often heard advocating for getting stung. We know about the health benefits, and now there seems to be peer-reviewed proof! So, Can bee stings Cure Cancer and Arthritis?

We think that beekeepers should not wear full suits, opting instead to keep bees only wearing a veil. Unless of course, you have a known "allergy" - meaning anaphylaxis, "swelling" is not an "allergy". Of course, sometimes the bees are hot, and you must inspect a hot hive, in cases like this wear the suit. In general though getting stung is good for you according to research.

You must get stung often enough, several times per week or so to develop the resistance commercial beekeepers have, in which the swelling completely subsides. If you start beekeeping wearing only a veil, this will happen within your first year. Can bee stings Cure Cancer and Arthritis? Not if you do not get stung.

Toxicologists also state that the highest risk factor group for developing an allergy, are those who are exposed to the allergen infrequently, and the lowest risk factor group are those that are exposed very often.

There are also other benefits to getting stung. Including a new reason. Now bee stings are known to reduce cancer tumor growth! In a report in the Journal Hepatology January 2008, Shows that the main component of bee venom "Mellitin" causes the release of hormones from two glands in your body, the adrenal cortex, and the hypophysis. These glands are responsible for secreting hormones known to reduce inflammation which is why it is so good for arthritis sufferers. Cancer is also according to research, preceded by inflammation. Bee venom also stimulates the immune system, and those with strong immune systems are far less likely to get cancer in the first place.(1)

There is another reason though. Mellitin, the active ingredient in bee venom also has cytotoxic effects and they found mellitin inhibits tumor cell metastasis by reducing cell mobility and migration via the suppression of Raci-dependent pathway, suggesting that mellitin is a potential therapeutic agent for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Dr. Theo Cherbuliez, MD former president of the American Apitherapy Society ASS treated a 5mm vascular tumor with three bee stings around and one sting on top once a month for five months. The tumor disappeared to the point that its original location cannot be identified.

In addition to the above benefits, bee venom has been shown in studies to:

Provide better control of rheumatoid arthritis than modern medications (2)

Promote blood flow - it destroys plaque in blood vessels and promotes higher vascular blood flow.

The venom contains proteins and amino acids, a full 18 of the 20 obligatory amino acids. Therefore when doses of bee venom get into the blood they compensate for the deficit of amino acids.

The venom actually makes hormones and vitamins

Lowers levels of cholesterol.

The venom increases fat metabolism.

(1) Journal Hepatology Jan. 31, 2008
(2) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18807725

So, next time you consider putting on that full suit, try to remember, you are doing yourself a disservice. Plus, if you never get stung, you don't have the negative reinforcement that actually helps you learn not to crush bees quicker, and increases the length of time it takes for you to become a "Good Beekeeper". Can bee stings Cure Cancer and Arthritis? Yes, it seems so.