Funny Bug Bees And Wood Works is a manufacturer of quality beekeeping equipment and components serving Lenoir County NC, Pitt County NC, Wayne County NC, Duplin County NC and surrounding areas. We are located in Kinston, NC right behind Bill Fey park. We offer Lenoir County NC beekeeping supplies to the general public for local pickup or nationally through our website.


We carry a full line of supplies as well. Items like beekeeping gloves, swarm commander, beehive frames, both wax and Rightcell® wax-coated plastic foundation,  bee smokers, bee brushes, queen cages and many more.

We are not sure if we are the only company offering Lenoir County NC beekeeping supplies, but we think we are the best. We invite you to try us and decide for yourself.

You can save yourself a lot of money on shipping fees as well. We sell for a lower cost than almost all of the other online beekeeping supplies companies which means when you couple our great prices with no shipping fees you can save a ton of money! Out of state? Don't worry, we offer free shipping on most orders over $150.

We also have a customer loyalty program which means that you can save up to an additional 7% off our already low prices when buying beekeeping supplies in Lenoir County NC. You do this by simply leveling up your reward status. Unlike other beekeeping supply companies, we offer you a permanent discount percentage, the more you shop the higher your percentage goes, and it never comes down!

We offer a down-home solution to the larger companies and at very competitive prices. Keep your money in your local economy and shop in Lenoir County Nc for all your beekeeping supply needs.

We also offer bee removal services in all of the listed and surrounding counties. If you need a beehive removed give us a call, there usually is not a charge associated with this service.