Our customers mean everything to us. So we decided that you should be earning your way to a lower price with every purchase you make. Our way of saying "Thank You" is to make sure every time you purchase with us that you are rewarded. We came up with a custom system for our website to do just that. The beekeeping rewards program is just for customers of Funny Bug Bees And Wood Works.

How does it work?

Every time you make an order with us, your "total orders placed" count moves up by one. You don't have to do anything. You are automatically placed into the rewards program just for shopping. Once you make the required number of purchases you will be moved to the next higher reward level. When you are logged into the site, you will notice all prices are stricken through, and a new price (in red text) is displayed. Only members of your reward level get this specific pricing and it is not available to the general public. As you move up in reward levels you will notice your prices drop which will save you even more than our already low prices.

What Are The Purchase Levels?

The reward levels are as follows: Egg, Pupa, Larva, Worker and Queen. Making a single purchase with us automatically puts you into the "Egg" reward level.

How Many Purchases Are Required For Each Level?

Egg Level = 1-5

Pupa Level = 6-15

Larva Level = 16-30

Worker Level = 31-50

Queen Level = 51+

What Are The Discounts For Each Reward Level?

Egg Level = 1.5%

Pupa Level = 2%

Larva Level = 3%

Worker Level = 5%

Queen Level = 7%

I've made purchases in the past, do they count?

Yes, the system is retroactive, all orders you've placed with us count towards your total. Simply login and click "My Rewards Status" from your "My Account" menu on the right side of our homepage.

How do I see my reward standings?

Easy! Simply log in to our site, and click the "My Rewards Status" from the "My Account" menu on the right side of our homepage! The page this takes you to will display your current reward level, total orders you have placed with us, your current discount amount and the total orders you need to place to move to the next higher reward level.

I'm ready to earn, where do i shop?

Just visit our online beekeeping equipment store here!