This video shows you how to build a freeman style hive beetle trap in simple step by step instructions.

 Building a Freeman style hive beetle trap is easy with our "How to build a freeman style hive beetle trap" video. Full instructions in video format are given as well as watching us actually build the Freeman style hive beetle trap on camera. Anyone with a few simple tools can do it, it isn't that hard! Simply gather the materials, gather your tools and get to the building. 

Freeman style hive beetle traps are by far, in our opinion, the best method for controlling small hive beetles in your beehives. The reason these work so well is in the use of special hardware cloth, #6-041 to be exact. This specific hardware cloth has an average aperture size (the holes in it) of 3.2mm which is exactly the size of the average adult small hive beetle. It is also much too small for a bee to pass through.  This enables this trap type to catch and kill small hive beetles without killing your bees.

The addition of a pan of cooking oil or water with enough soap to break the surface tension completes this small hive beetle killing machine. This pan goes inside, and under the trap, the beetles are chased into it or climb down into it, resulting in a swift and just retribution. The pan slides out the back of the trap for easy cleaning and removal of debris, and lots of dead beetles.

There are many ways to attempt to control small hive beetles but we think this is one of the best and most effective ways of doing so.

For those customers or viewers that purchased the Freeman style hive beetle trap kit from us unassembled, this video will walk you through putting it together.

View Product In Store: Pest Management - Small Hive Beetle Control

NOTE:  This video is specifically for the 8-frame freeman style trap, as it is the only size that roasting pans used in this video are available for. Since the making of this video, we have actually found a vendor which sells a thicker sheet metal and switched back to using it to manufacture the pans.

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