Want to know how to build Boardman style entrance feeders? If so, then this video is what you need to watch.

Boardman style entrance feeders are a great way to provide a water source in the hive in the hot summer months. We do not recommend them for feeding sugar syrup as it is partially outside the hive and may cause robbing behavior in lean times. If you are looking for a way to provide a clean water source, then we highly recommend using Boardman style entrance feeders in the hot summer months, or when rainfall is below average. The less work the bees need to do to find water, the more time they have for gathering nectar.

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A water source is super important for bees, as they cool their hives with "evaporative cooling" a process in which the bees spit water onto the walls of their hive, and then fan it to evaporate it. If you've ever been to a waterfall, this is why it is so much cooler under the falls. The water vapor created from the water falling onto the rocks below evaporates quickly as the droplets are minuscule. This causes evaporative cooling.

The construction process on this project is a little more complicated and requires a few more tools than most hobbyist woodworkers have. The process entails making 3 square objects from two different sizes of lumber and will require either a drill press or a hand drill with a set of drill bits in sizes most beekeepers do not have.

If after reading that, you still want to build Boardman style entrance feeders then you have come to the right place. We have made a video specifically on how to do this, you can watch it below. Don't forget to visit Youtube and subscribe to us and turn notifications on so you get alerted when we post a new video!