Want to easily make four NUCS from a single sheet of plywood? In this video, our owner Clifton Murphy, explains in fine detail the step by step instructions for how to build four nucs from a single sheet of plywood.

Plans are available for download here: Plywood 5-frame NUC Plans

Want Us to cut and or build them for you? See our plywood 5-frame NUC in our beekeeping supplies store.

The process you use to make four nucs from a single sheet of plywood is super simple. It also requires nothing but a table saw and a hammer and glue. If you want to get fancy you can upgrade the hammer to a pneumatic brad nailer, or a pneumatic stapler. To get the process started, make sure you have everything on the cut list, and the tools list on hand. We recommend Titebond III since it is completely waterproof. Titebond II is only "water resistant". The price is the same for either, so get the Titebond III. Your NUC boxes will last longer if you use it.

As shown in the video on how to make four nucs from a single sheet of plywood, the most important part is getting at least one corner of your plywood square. This will make the process much easier down the road.

If you would prefer to purchase this item, instead of building it yourself, we offer it for as low as $10.99, you can find commercial grade 5 frame nucs, in our store.

We also have the plans we use as a downloadable product: here