Bee Feeders

Bee Feeders

From entrance feeders, hive top feeders and the patented "Don the Fat Bee Man" no drown hive top feeder we carry a complete line of products to help you keep your bees well fed all year. Make sure to look through our bee feed recipes in our Bee Food Recipes Section!

"Don The Fat Bee Man" no-drown hive top feeder

This patented no-drown hive top feeder is produced with permission from "Don The Fat Bee Man"


9 1/8" Pro Frame Feeder - 2" Wide - 1 Gallon

9 1/8" Pro Frame Feeder - 2" Wide - 1 Gallon


Boardman Style Entrance Feeder

A highly recommended feeder to keep a water source on your hive during the summer.


Candy Board Feeder

Candy Board for feeding fondant or bee candy


Deer or Wildlife Feeder

Deer, Turkey or Wildlife Feeder System.


Wildflowers bees eat seed packet

This packet contains a mix of favorite annual flowering plant seeds for your bees including sunflowers, Zinnia, plains coreopsis and red poppies.


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