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Covid-19 has impacted all of us, some more seriously than others and our hearts, and prayers go out to those hardest hit. We hope if you do get sick that like the vast majority of people it is a very minor illness and you recover quickly.


We have had to make some changes to how we operate in light of the pandemic. Those changes are designed to make sure both you, our customers, as well as all of us here remain safe and take all reasonable precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19. We will out line those changes here.

1. Local pickup orders are by appointment only and will be handled as a "curb-side" pickup. We will gladly bring all of your supplies out to you and place them in your backseat or trunk space. This will be done as a "contactless" exchange, so please do not think we are being rude if we do not shake hands. Please let us call you once the order is ready for pickup. From there we can work on the best time for both  you and us and schedule it.

2. Supply shortages of wood and other supplies have given us a serious backlog and we are currently running four to seven days behind schedule. This means the typical order does not ship until 4 to seven days after its placed. This isnt such a bad thing since its the middle of winter and the girls wont need anything until spring. None the less, we are trying to keep up with demand in a timely manner.

3. Manpower shortages means production times have slowed which is contributing to the overall backlog we are experiencing trying to get orders out. From shop staff to office staff we are all feeling the crunch and would appreciate your understanding and patience.

4. We are testing ourselves regularly using both antibody blood tests and swabs to test for live virus. Sick individuals will not be working on your orders.

The consequences of this disease are being felt by all. From shutdowns to people afraid to come to work, we get it, we understand, and we to are affected. All we can do is the best job we can. So please, be patient. We will get all orders filled. It might not be the same day, or even in two days, but we will get your order out as best we can.

We thank youn for your support and your patience. We are praying for your family, for all effected. Let's work together to get through this by loving one another, being kind and understanding that this is an unprecedented circumstance and requires unprecedented love and support of our neighbors.


----- Clifton Murphy Owner

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