Dear Customers,

Stolen password, phished emails, stolen credit cards, forgotten usernames and passwords, these are all nightmare scenarios for me, and for you. So we figured out a way to alleviate nearly all of that risk. Besides, filling out long forms to create accounts is no fun.


We have put into place a system which no loonger requires you to even create an account before shopping with us. It is a system much like many banks have bagun to use. Or perhaps your doctors offices online portal.

It works like this. When you come to our website, and place items in your cart, and try to check out, it says you are not logged in. At this point nothing has changed. In the old, less secure system you would then place your username and your password into the form, and be logged in. That is if you could remember it. So we thought there must be a better way.

So we thought about this and came up with the idea of not having accounts at all. There is nothing for hackers to even get into by doing this way, as no account actually exists. You may ask yourself, well how is this possible to track my orders and such with no account? That is a good question. The way it works now, when you get to the login page, there is only an email box. You put your email in, and we instantly send you a login link to your email. It has been coded with a unique identifier that only us, and you know, as its embedded in the link email we sent. You simply click the link in the email we sent you and it connects you to our site, already logged in. You will stay logged in for 2 weeks from the first time you use the email, and then that link will expire and youll be asked to submit your email address again the next time you shop, if it has been longer than two weeks since the last time you visited. Since no username or password were entered by you on your system it completely defeats common hacking and fishing tools like keyloggers and viruses on your system. It also means you never ever have to try to remember a username and password for our site. This system is made even better by the fact that we dont even store your credit card numbers after the sale. You are securely transmitting your card details through a secure encrypted SSL certificate straight, not to us, but to our payment processor who then tells our site you were charged, we never know your card number.

The orders you place, so long as you always use the same email to login will be able to track your orders simply from your email address, and it will link all orders placed using that email address into the same container, so when you login and view your order history, all orders placed under that email will show up for you. It stores your favorites list the same way. the very first time you ever order, we do collect your mailing address so we know where to ship items to, but since that is done over a secure SSL certificate as well, and since no one can steal your username and password (because one doesnt exist) they cant login as you and get your information.

Now of course there are very good hackers who can break into the pentagon, and its been done, but the level of trouble it takes to do that means its not very profitable for them and it deters them to more easy targets. This is what we are attempting to do, deter them as much as possible by not even having the ability to steal a username and password and get into your account. Foolproof? No, but darn close. The only way a hacker could get into your account under our system is if they had already gone through the trouble of getting into your email provider and be waiting for that link to be sent to you, and hope that they clicked it before you do, as we track the IP address of who uses it and prevent anyone else from using your login token from that email to log in.

We hope you are happy with the steps we are taking to keep your information secure, and will continue to innovate in the future to maintain that level of security.

Clifton Murphy - Owner