10 frame Small Hive Beetle Trap w/ Integrated Bottom board


10 frame Small Hive Beetle Trap w/ Integrated Bottom board 10F-SHBTIBB
10 Frame Bottom Boards
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Freeman style small hive beetle traps are an integrated IPM Bottom Board and Small hive beetle trap all rolled into one. Small hive beetles introduced sometime in the 1990's have spread to most of North America. They destroy hives faster than any other pest. We believe that all new hives started from package bees or nucs should use a freeman style small hive beetle trap. We have yet to see small hive beetles destroy a hive with this trap installed. It is also great for hives with small hive beetle infestation as the infestation is usually gone within 48 hours of the installation of this replacement bottom board and small hive beetle trap.

Our small hive beetle trap uses two parts. The first is the integrated screened bottom board. The second is a waterproof aluminum tray to hold the trapping liquid. The difference between commercially available screened bottom boards and our traps are the size of the aperture (opening) in the screen. Small hive beetles, whether they are male or female average 2.8-3.2mm in width. So we use a special screen which averages 3mm (due to manufacturing some aperture holes are 2.750 and some are up to 3.2003mm in aperture width). This prevents the bees from getting through the screen, but allows easy passage for the small hive beetles.

How it works: Soldier bees in the hive will chase small hive beetles and other invaders down through the hive and into the trap. The beetles in an attempt to escape will go through the screen, and land in a tray which you have added 1/4 inch of either new or used vegetable oil, or mineral oil (recommended) causing them to drown quickly. Due to the size of the opening in the mesh of this screen, it prevents bees from following them, keeping your bees alive.

This also helps control varroa mites. As the bees clean themselves, and mites are dislodged, they fall down and into the oil. This prevents them from just climbing right back up and into the hive.

Check all the pictures to see small hive beetles in oil, as well as one removed from the trap on a finger!

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