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Rewards Program for Eshop

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Funny Bug Bees has completed the design and programming for the Rewards Program For Eshop, a custom joomla component made to enhance the features of Eshop by creating a tiered reward system for your customers.

Eshop Shopping cart for Joomla is made by the good folks over at and it can be gotten there. joomdonation, ossolutions, and Eshop are Copyright © 2018 Joomla Extensions by Joomdonation and we make no claims to those rights. To get Eshop Shopping Cart for Joomla visit




Rewards Program for Eshop

Rewards program for Eshop requires NO updates or changes to ESHOP core files, it is completely standalone and just reads from the ESHOP database and changes a customers "pricing group" and discount level on the fly per admin configured variables. Using this system allows you to create a tiered rewards program for your customers. A way to reward them shopping with you. Rewards Program for Eshop is a Joomla component and plugin which creates an automated customer loyalty program in your Eshop shopping cart.

Rewards Program For Eshop is a package comprised of a plugin and a component.

The plugin is a scheduler, which runs on an admin configured timer. It keeps your customer's reward level and discount group updated to those configured by the administrator in Eshop and Rewards Program For Eshop. This means the store owner no longer has to do anything once the reward levels and discounts are set up in Eshop.

The Rewards Program For Eshop component does several things.

1. It allows you to display all customers or customers from any specific group you have created in a list format in the admin panel for this component. Displaying their current pricing group. Something which requires you actually go into each customer record in Eshop to do currently. We fix this and give you a page that displays all customers and the group they belong to.

2. It allows you to set the reward level minimum and maximum values based on either total orders placed, or total dollars spent in your store. So you can decide which one should be used. This is done from the "configuration" menu in the component. The system then puts all customers in the corresponding Eshop pricing groups based on those values, without you having to do anything. It completely automates the process of moving customers to new pricing groups based on their order totals. When a customer reaches a new threshold, he is moved to the next higher reward group automatically and receives the discount level you have assigned to that group in Eshop. 

3. It creates an administrator menu system item so you can create a link to the customer's "rewards page" for your customers. This menu item can be placed in any menu on your site, though we recommend placing it in the Eshop "My Account" menu. This allows them to log in and see which group they are in, what their discount level is, and how many dollars or how many more orders they need to place to reach the next reward level, and how many orders they have placed or dollars spent on your site.

4. On the customer's front end "My Rewards" page, it displays the name of your store and "rewards program". It displays their current reward level, current total dollars spent or total orders placed (depending on your configuration) and it displays how many more orders or dollars spent is required to reach their next reward level.

5. The component has a "run batch" administrator menu item so that you can make changes instantly, instead of waiting for the scheduler to run automatically.

6. It is retroactive, meaning it will put all your customers, not just new ones into the correct pricing groups based on the configured variables. So all of your older customers get brought into the Reward Program For Eshop at the correct reward level based on their prior expenditures.


This is what the Customer's "My Reward Status Page" looks like using the "my rewards" menu item to create a link for them to view it.

 My Rewards Page

This is what the above customer sees when viewing products in your store

customer view product

This is what the configure component page looks like.

Component settings 

Setup of Reward Program For Eshop is easy!

1. Setup your Pricing Groups using Eshops "Pricing Groups". These will be your "reward Levels".

2. Setup your Discounts for each level using Eshops "Discounts". These will be your "Discounts" for each "reward level".

3. Install and enable the plugin in the Joomla administrator panel.

4. Install the component in the Joomla administrator panel.

5. Go into the component "Joomla > Administrator > Components > Reward Program For Eshop > Settings" and set whether to use "total dollars spent" or "total orders placed". Then set your minimum and maximum values for each group, being careful to not overlap values in two different groups.


Joomla 3.5+

Eshop 2.6+

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4. Upgrade

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1. unzip the file

2. install the plugin plg_rewardsprogramforeshop using your Joomla administrator panel

3. install the component com_rewardsprogramforeshop using your administrator panel


Setup in Eshop:

1. In Eshop create your pricing groups by going to "Components > Eshop > Sales > Customer Groups" and creating any groups you would like.

2. In Eshop add the discounts for the pricing groups you made in step 1 by going to "Components > Eshop > Sales > Discounts" and create one discount for each pricing group you made in step 1.

3. configure the pricing group how you see fit.


Setup in Rewards Component:

1. login to your Joomla admin panel and navigate to "extensions > plugins" and find the "Eshop Rewards Scheduler" plugin, and enable it.

2. Go to "Components > Eshop Rewards Program"

3. Click on "Settings"

4. set the drop down to use either "total orders placed" or "total dollars spent" as the requirement for your levels.

5. Set the minimum and maximum threshold required for each level, make sure not to set two levels at the same values!

6. Click "Run Batch" to instantly set all customers in your database to the level for their threshold instantly, or wait ten minutes for the plugin to run and do it automatically. 

7. You can use the "Customer Groups" link on this page to view all your customers and see their currently assigned level!

Terry Calhoon on 03-21-2018 09:14 PM
Installation was simple and it does exactly what it says it does, now i have a rewards system!
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