Our customers mean everything to us. So we decided that you should be earning your way to a lower price with every purchase you make. Our way of saying "Thank You" is to make sure every time you purchase with us that you are rewarded. So we created the Customer Loyalty Program for our website to do just that. The beekeeping rewards program is just for customers of Funny Bug Bees And Wood Works.

WARNING - If you opt-out of our marketing email list, we will have no way to let you know when your Funny Bucks Expire, and you will most likely lose them once per year if you don't stay on top of it yourself. That said, we do not send out email spam. We opt to give out our monthly specials on our social media channels like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. So we won't just be willy-nilly mailing you constantly. Sign up for the news and announcement, which mostly has to do with your reward points and you won't go wrong. Besides, you can always opt-out at any time!

How does it work?

Every time you make an order with us, you receive funny bucks. Every dollar you spend earns you one (1) Funny Buck. You don't have to do anything. You are automatically placed into the rewards program just for creating an account and shopping. Funny Bucks are spent just like cash, in exchange for discounts on our site.


How do I claim my Funny Buck$ to use on my next order?

You redeem your funny buck$ for coupon codes to use during checkout. To do this, login to our site, click the "My Cart" header menu then click the black Rewards tab (On PC) on the right side of the page, or the black circle icon with the bee in it (On Mobile Phone or tablet) on the bottom right of your screen. Once the popup loads click the "Claim" button to redeem your points.



Are there other ways to earn Funny Buck$ besides making purchases?

Yes! you get 50 Funny Buck$ in addition to your earned points on your first order. We also have special events that earn you Funny bucks when you participate. For instance, we give you Funny Bucks on your birthday and anniversary! To see which events are active and to earn these points simply login to our site, view your Cart by clicking "My Cart" from our header menu, then click the black Rewards tab (On PC) on the right side of the page, or the black circle icon with the bee in it (On Mobile Phone or tablet) on the bottom right of your screen. Once the Funny Bucks program pops up, click the menu drop down and then click "Events".

You even earn points by sharing us on social media or subscribing to us on Youtube! This is done from the "Earn" tab of the "Home" menu in the reward program pop up.



How do I know how many Funny Buck$ I have?

Easy! Click the "My Cart" header menu then click the black Rewards tab (On PC) on the right side of the page, or the black circle icon with the bee in it (On Mobile Phone or tablet) on the bottom right of your screen. The rewards button will then take you to your rewards account. Once in your rewards account, click the menu button and select "View Profile". The black Rewards tab itself displays your current redeemable points in red text on the button if on PC.




Can I see how many Funny Buck$ I've earned over the lifetime of my account?

Yes! Simply click the "Lifetime Earning" menu in the rewards popup!



Can I earn Funny Buck$ by referring other customers?

Yes! You can give your friends a coupon code to use when they make their purchase. This will get them 5% off their order and earn you Funny Buck$ as well. To see the coupon code you should share, and that they should use during checkout, click the "Referral" button on the "Home" menu of the rewards popup.



Can I see how many Funny Buck$ I've redeemed in the past?

Yes! Simply use the "Transaction History" menu in the rewards program pop-up.



Do my Funny Buck$ reset to zero if I don't use them?

Yes, your Funny Buck$ must be spent each year. The cut-off date for spending your points varies by date of your first purchase that year. However, our system will email you letting you know a month in advance that your points are about to expire. Failure to spend your Funny Buck$ by the cut-off date will result in you losing them.


 Reservation of Rights

Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to alter, change, remove, discontinue or otherwise modify this program without notice, including the revocation of Funny Bucks for any reason it deems necessary. Funny Bucks have no monetary value and as such you, the customer have no legal recourse for the recovery of Funny Bucks or their monetary value.

1. Unlike other suppliers, there is no minimum amount you must spend to earn points.

2. Points are earned on any paid purchase from Funny Bug Bees. Funny Buck$ are equal to 1 Funny Buck for every $1 spent on our site. Funny Bucks are redeemable at a rate of 3% based on the value of your points. For instance, redeeming 100 Funny Bucks rewards you with a coupon code worth $3 off. Redeeming 1000 Funny Bucks would reward you with a $30 coupon code.

3. In the case of a Funny Buck$ credit dispute, the judgment of Funny Bug Bees will be considered final.

4. Funny Buck$ and membership in the rewards program are offered at the discretion of Funny Bug Bees and therefore Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to approve, revoke, deny or alter your membership at any time. Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to change, modify, alter or cancel the program or its rules and regulations at any time and without prior notice to you the customer. The accumulation of points does not entitle you the member or any other entity to any vested rights with respect to Funny Bug Bees, the Funny Buck$ program benefits or value.

5. Your ability to earn Funny Buck$ will be based on the status of your account as determined by Funny Bug Bees. If your account is in default, we reserve the right to prohibit you from earning Funny Bucks or redeeming any you have earned. Your account may be canceled at any time by Funny Bug Bees.

6. Redeemable points and their related credits are not refundable, replaceable, or transferable to cash, credit, or other points, and may not be combined with other members, or conveyed by any other means to anyone, including through a members estate, and may not pass to a members consignees or successors. Funny Bucks are not transferable by the member upon death or as part of a domestic relations matter, or otherwise.

7. It is the member's responsibility to retain documents necessary to prove the amount of any un-issued Funny Bucks.