By purchasing any products from you agree to the following legal, shipping, and returns terms of service agreements.

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Due to huge increases in FedEx, UPS and USPS rates due to fuel price increases, coupled with enormous increases in the costs of lumber and other raw materials, we are temporarily stopping our free shipping policy. We are however reducing prices for all products in our store by an average of 10%. We will reverse this policy when prices normalize again for shipping and raw materials.

We cover shipping on most* orders over $175. 

  • Your "sub-total" must equal $175, not the after shipping total.
  • You must not be a reseller in the 30% discount bracket. Resellers in the 10% bracket do ship free though if the order total is over $175.  Please click here to read the Reseller/Dealer agreement

  • COVID-UPDATE - FedEx, UPS, and USPS rates have gone up drastically due to the pandemic. Because of this, it is costing us more and more to ship your items, so we are temporarily required to charge 50% shipping to the following states. Our Cart will charge you the full price for shipping due to the technical requirements of the cart, but we will refund half* of the charged shipping cost to the below-listed states at the time of shipment.

    Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Washington.

  • Orders Shipped Free do not qualify for free shipping on returns, the customer pays the return shipping cost if free shipping is used on that item's order.
  • Some products never ship free such as assembled hive boxes ordered without frames and foundation, nematodes that require insulated boxes, and cold packs. Another example is hardware cloth as this needs a USPS Priority mail tube mailer.
  • * Free or discounted shipping cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon. If a discount coupon code and free or discounted shipping is used on the same order, we will, however, subtract the coupon amount from the 50% shipping cost and refund the remainder.

We reserve the right to hold shipment of any order at any time pending payment of shipping costs. This normally doesn't happen but if we get an order for $175 and it costs us $175 to ship it, we can't ship it and not only make no profit but lose money on shipping and materials.  Your distance to our shipping location and the cubic area of the shipping boxes can affect this.

Certain exclusions apply which are up to the discretion of Funny Bug Bees and can change without notice. If you have products that do not qualify for free shipping you will be contacted and informed. We will then ship all your items for free with the exception of the product(s) which do not qualify. The items which do not qualify will be shipped once payment for the shipping balance of those items has been paid.


Shipping Method:

We use FedEx to give us shipping quotes during your checkout. These are not always exact and it is common for us to either give you a credit for a shipping overcharge. Once shipping has been verified you will either be charged the remainder or refunded the balance of what remains of the shipping amount we charged you during checkout.

We reserve the right to ship via UPS, FedEx, South Eastern Freight Lines, and USPS regardless of the shipping company used to generate your shipping quote. 


Large Orders - Freight Carrier

If your order is large enough it will need to be shipped via freight carrier on a pallet(s). If we ship via freight the customer pays for the liftgate service and restricted access fees if they are required. Funny Bug Bees covers the freight cost if your products are free shipping qualified. If you do not wish to pay the liftgate service (if required) or the restricted access charge (if required), we will gladly ship your order to the nearest freight terminal for our freight carrier and you can arrange to pick it up yourself. If you have a flatbed trailer they will load it using forklifts for you.

You will typically be charged for a lift gate service and a restricted access fee if you are shipping to a residential address or a business that does not have a loading dock.

You may call us and place your order over the phone and get a quote for these services if you prefer. Call us at 833-386-3284 (833-FUN-E-BUG) and we will be happy to assist you.


Disassembled Products:

All disassembled parts are pre-cut for you to the final dimensions. You will need tools to assemble disassembled products. These may include a hammer, screwdriver, nails, glue, corner clamps, sheet metal sheers, stapler, among others.

If you purchase disassembled products from us it is assumed you have enough woodworking experience to complete the project. We do not give refunds due to you not being able to construct the item, or for items, you damage attempting to construct them. If no directions for your specific product are in the online product instructions page, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make a video for you!



Cutting wood to final dimensions and then waiting for several days (shipping time) to construct it often causes some warping of the wood as more grain is exposed to the elements.

You understand that disassembled products may be slightly warped and require you to use clamps during the assembly process to align parts for securing with nails, glue, or screws.

You further agree that warping is not warranted on any woodenware. You may, however, return them to us and we will assemble the products for you. There will be a $5.00 fee per item for us to assemble them.  You agree to pay shipping in both directions to use this service. You further agree that disassembled products are sold "As Is" and no refunds are available for any products purchased disassembled which arrive with warping.

We do not warranty wood parts you break during your attempt to construct the items. If you have items that are broken during shipment please report them to us right away so we can send a replacement of that part. Items that are returned to us disassembled and with nail holes, screw holes, glue residue, or other signs of a construction attempt will not be warrantied.

If you are concerned about this, order your products assembled and one of our staff will construct the items for you and we will ship them assembled.



We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. You are billed at the time of purchase for your items. If you use Paypal we add the fee they charge us for processing your order, which is usually 2% of the sale total. All live bee sales are FINAL.


Order Lead Time:

We try to keep a supply of all products in stock. However, sometimes, due to a high number of incoming orders, we must craft some products for some orders as they come in. This can cause a lead time the length of which depends on the size of the order before it ships. If your order will take more than 24 hours to ship, you will be notified via email. Most orders ship within 1 business day of your order, excepting weekends and holidays in which case your order will ship the following weekday. Orders placed after 3 PM EST on Friday will not ship until Monday as UPS/FedEx has no pick-up on Saturday or Sunday.


Painted Products:

Painted products will typically be shipped within 72 business hours of order placement! We do not stock painted items, it is a service provided to you at the time of purchase and therefore we need a couple of days to get your products through the paint shop, let them dry, and then package and ship them.



We offer a 30-day guarantee on most items we manufacture. If the item  breaks due to normal use, we will repair or replace it at our discretion and expense if reported within 30 days of the original sale. We cover shipping for getting the repaired item or a new equivalent replacement back to you.

We provide no warranty on bees. Queen bee acceptance by your hive is complicated and depends on many factors that have more to do with beekeeper skill, than on the queen herself. All the queens we sell have been shown to have good laying patterns before we ship them to our customers.


Returns & Refunds:

We offer a 100% money-back 30-day guarantee on all products for hardware placed on our website or purchased in person at our location, with the exception of used products, disassembled products you ordered and tried to construct and damaged, or for queen bees, packages, and NUCs. There is no refund for shipping costs. There is no refund once ordered or return once recieved for Bees of any kind so please be sure you want them before you order. We go through quite a bit of expense to raise your bees, buy NUC boxes, feed them, etc. Therefore we do not allow cancellations or returns of live bees. All Live Bee Sales Are Final! Funny Bug may at it's sole discretion issue an in-store credit rather than a refund for any live bee sales and you agree to be bound by this agreement!

If you are not satisfied with your non-live-bee products you will receive a complete refund. Items must be in new, unused condition to be eligible for a refund. Items returned used, or not in new condition will be held for you to arrange for shipping back to you or for you to pick up at our store. You will not receive a refund for those items.

Your refund for equipment items returned in new condition will be processed within 24 hours of your return and those refunds will be returned to the same method you used to pay. For instance, if you paid via Paypal, we credit it back to the same Paypal account, if you paid by credit or debit card the refund would be credited back to the same card. Please allow up to 5 business days for the refund to show up at your bank or card provider.


Items, packages, or Queen Bees Lost Or Damaged In Shipment

We assume no risk for lost or damaged items that were lost, arrived dead, or were damaged during shipment. It is your responsibility to file a claim with FedEx, UPS, or USPS for any lost or damaged items.  We send the orders F.O.B. Shipping Point, which is a legal term that means that all merchandise becomes your property once it leaves here. The freight carrier is responsible for the complete and safe delivery of your merchandise. As soon as it left here, we fulfilled our obligation on the order fulfillment. We, of course, will act as an intermediary between our customers and the freight carrier to file claims with the carrier once you inform us of the lost or damaged items if requested. There is however no refund from us for damages during shipping or for the freight cost itself. The refund is the responsibility of the freight carrier and you must file your claim with them. In the case of an item which was returned to sender, a new shipping charge is required so that we are not double billed for shipping an item you let get returned due to your negligence.

Damage, Loss, or Failure of Package Bees, NUCs and Queens Picked Up From Us

There is no warranty on any bees purchased from Funny Bug Bees once you have taken physical possession of your bees at our facility. We are not responsible for the safe handling, health, welfare or success or lack thereof of any bees we sell. How well any of these products do is completely up to the beekeeper that purchases them, and our liability ends the moment you take control of them in our bee yard. Bees are live animals and must be treated properly or they will die, fail to thrive, or any number of other scenarios. By purchasing bees from Funny Bug Bees you are entering into a binding contract with us in which you guarantee to never hold Funny Bug Bees liable for the loss, death, failure, poor performance of the bees you purchased. You are also agreeing that all bee sales are final and non-refundable once purchased. If you are not comfortable buying bees under these obligations, please shop elsewhere.

Live Bee and Queen Guarantee

We guarantee that all queen bees are openly mated. We guarantee that all package bees will have no more than 1.5" of dead bees in the bottom of the package. We guarantee that all NUC colonies have been shown to have a queen with good laying patterns and will come with pollen, honey, eggs, larvae and pupae. This is the totality of our guarantees regarding bees and any inference or assumption of any other guarantee by you is not binding. 


Defects in workmanship:

For a period of seven (7) days after delivery If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the workmanship of the item you purchased, you may request a new one be sent, or a new item may be picked up at our location. The original item must be returned to us before the replacement is sent unless you fill out a return form and include a credit card. If the original item is not returned to us, you will be billed for the replacement we send. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away to let us know about the issue. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU! We WILL make sure you are satisfied with your purchase!


Custom Orders:

Funny Bug Bees does custom work. The quote for this work and any additional fees is handled via email, and once approved is completed and shipped to you. Custom orders are NOT eligible for our standard return policy. Custom orders are sold "As-Is". Be advised, custom orders are processed when time permits as we do not manufacture or stock them until you order them. Regular orders on our website take priority, so please allow up to 30 days to complete and ship custom orders.


Data Collection and Sharing Policy: By using this site you are agreeing to the following:

We have enabled Google Analytics on this site. Google may track your browsing behavior. We allow Google to use cookies that may be saved on your computer or device for the purpose of tracking your use of this website. We will not share any information we get from you through such cookies with any party. This may include information such as your sex, the website browser you use, the country you live in. No personally identifiable information is collected. You may Opt-Out of Google's use of your information by using this tool: Google Opt-Out Tools


Google Remarketing:

Enables Google data collection for Display and Search Remarketing. This includes data from Google's signed-in users who have chosen to enable Google to associate their web and app browsing history with their Google account and to use such information from their Google account to personalize ads. Google Analytics temporarily joins these identifiers to our Google Analytics data in order to support our audiences.


Google Advertising Reporting Features:

We have Enabled Google's Advertising Reporting features like Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager reporting, DoubleClick Bid Manager reporting, and Google Display Network Impression Reporting that help us better understand our users.


Reservation of Rights

CUSTOMER, as used in this agreement, is an entity or the agent of any entity which completes the checkout section of our website and pays for any product, product deposit, or in any way does business with Funny Bug Bees.

Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to modify, delete, or cancel any portion of these terms.

Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to modify any product description on our website at any time without notice and CUSTOMER agrees that the product delivered, though different than ordered, satisfies the obligation of Funny Bug Bees in its deliverance of said product. If Funny Bug Bees modifies a product so that it is different than ordered by CUSTOMER, Funny Bug Bees warrants that the delivered product will be of the same or equal value and will perform the same function as the product originally purchased by CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMER agrees that dates of delivered products are estimates only and that circumstances out of the control of Funny Bug Bees may alter or change the dates that a product will be delivered. If a delivery date is modified by Funny Bug Bees, Funny Bug Bees will notify the CUSTOMER of the change and the CUSTOMER's only legal recourse will be a refund of the purchase amount if paid in full or to accept the modified delivery date and wait for Funny Bug Bees to deliver the product.

Funny Bug Bees reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason.

CUSTOMER agrees that CUSTOMER shall bring no legal action against Funny Bug Bees in relation to its exercise of these rights.


Dealer Agreement

Dealers and Resellers Also agree and are bound to the following agreement: Dealer/Reseller Agreement