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Funny Bug Bees and Wood Works "Don The Fat Bee Man" no-drown hive top feeder This patented no-drown hive top feeder is produced with permission from "Don The Fat Bee Man".. Product #: fatbeemanfeeder based on 4 reviews Regular price: $22.95 $22.95

"Don The Fat Bee Man" no-drown hive top feeder

Product Code: fatbeemanfeeder

Price: $22.95

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20 years in the making, this no-drown hive top feeder is truly "No Drown". Patented by "Don The Fat Bee Man" of Youtube fame, and produced with permission by Funny Bug Bees. A percentage of the proceeds go to Don the Fat Bee Man. Comes in three sizes for NUC, 8-frame and 10-frame hives.

Feeder has convenient routed finger slot handles. The feeder also doubles as a ventilated top with screened holes in the bottom to allow moisture and heat out of your hive and into the feeder, where it is directed out of the feeder by the screened holes in the sides.

This item is best used with our double-screened inner hive cover, so that robbers from other hives cannot access the feeder through the upper opening in a single-screened inner cover or by the bees entering between gaps in your telescoping cover and the top of the feeder itself.

Feeder is standard Langstroth size 9" x 19 7/8". If you need a custom width, there is no charge for this, just let us know in the comments section of the order process.

**If you choose not to purchase it with a plastic tray from us, you may use any size plastic dish, bread pan, plastic shoe box, etc. which is a maximum of 4.5" high and 7 1/4" wide. Simply remove the bee ladder with the two screws, slide the container against the wall and re-attach the bee ladder with the two screws. Please see the product photo of the pan inside the feeder**

**The feeder is not watertight itself**

***if ordered unassembled, it does not ship with screws** ***You should pre-drill all holes for screws during assembly***

****If you order it with a tray, all versions come with one tray. The ten frame version has two ladders and can accommodate two trays****

Joshua Hardy on 11-01-2016 05:16 PM
Works perfectly. None of my bees drown. I really like the ventilation holes in it that are covered with hardware cloth, keeps moisture down and prevents mildew and mold.
Aaron on 04-18-2017 12:04 AM
Works extremely well. Absolutely no drowning.
Greg Burns on 01-11-2018 01:33 AM
Great service and very well made. I really like the ventilation holes in it that lets the hive breath. i will order more.
Gayle on 04-17-2018 11:41 PM
The 3 feeders I ordered arrived today and they are perfect!!
Thank you for making a quality product. Next payday I will order more.
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