This video shows you exactly step by step how to build candy boards for overwintering your bees. The project is very easy and is suitable for woodworkers of all skill levels.


When it comes to losing hives over winter, one of the "Big Three" is completely preventable, that being starvation. You can solve this problem if you build candy boards for feeding your bees. The project can be made from scrap lumber you have sitting around your shop. It will also require some hardware cloth or wire mesh that has at least a 3/8" aperture (opening between wires) and no more than a 1/2" aperture.

Wehn you build candy boards for feeding your bees, the size you build will depend on the size beehives you have. For all sizes, you are going to make it the exact same dimensions that your hive box is. As far as the height of the candy board feeder, it can vary from as little as 2" up to 4". I recommend a 3" tall feeder. This easily holds 15 pounds of sugar and is about the right size for most hives.

We have a recipe for making the candy to put in these, and that is available here: Candy Board Sugar Recipe - anti-fungal

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