In this video tutorial, we will show you step by step How to Build Heavy-Duty Beehive Hive Stands that will last for years.

This is a video on how to build heavy duty beehive stands for your Langstroth beehives. They can be crafted for your beehives from scrap lumber. Here is a video of the construction process showing the few easy steps it takes to build heavy duty beehive stands using only a table saw. If you do not have the tools required, or just don't feel like making them yourself, then please feel free to visit this product in our beekeeping supplies store.

This video specifically covers how to build heavy duty beehive stands for your Langstroth style beehive frames. All the steps in the how-to video will teach you how to build heavy duty beehive stands with a little bit of your time and the right tools. The steps are fairly simple and straightforward, this project should be easy for beginning woodworkers.

The tools you will need to build heavy duty beehive stands are a table saw, and optionally a router, though this is not necessary. You can use a dado stack for your saw or not, making multiple passes with your standard table saw blade to create the dado cuts. Everything else is pretty straightforward and you should have no difficulty pulling off this project.

If you need to ask specific questions we are here for you, just drop us a line using the contact us link on our website and Clifton will do his best to write you back. Alternatively, you can use the comments section on this video over at Youtube, we answer those pretty frequently.

Product Link: Heavy duty beehive stands

Materials List:

scrap lumber

Tools List:

A table saw

router (optional)

Flex Seal® (optional)

Hammer, screw-driver optionally a pneumatic nail gun.

Glue - We recommend Titebond® III