Short video to show the effectiveness of Freeman style small hive beetle trap after being placed on an infected hive for 24 hours.

Take note of the fact that there are zero dead bees and a lot of dead beetles.

This trap type requires a special #6 cloth, any old #6 cloth will not do. The average size of an adult small hive beetle is 3.2mm across the back, so you must use a #6 cloth with an average aperture of 3.2mm (not just 6 squares per inch which is what "#6" actually means). The wire diameter used to make the weave causes the aperture, the opening between each wire, to vary considerably. Some #6 cloth has enormous apertures, and some has tiny apertures. We use a #6 cloth with an average aperture of 3.2mm which is the exact size of an adult small hive beetle. Make sure if you do not buy from us that the "aperture" of the cloth you are getting is no larger than this or you will have lots of dead bees. You also want to make sure the aperture is not smaller than 2.75 or you won't trap any small hive beetles. This is why #8 hardware cloth is not very effective. The best way to solve this is to get your #6 hardware cloth from us!

I see beekeepers all over the beekeeping forums asking where to get #8 hardware cloth, and they are being told by countless numbers of "experienced" beekeepers to use #8 cloth to make small hive beetle traps. Folks, this just doesn't work. The average aperture of #8 cloth is 2.362mm a full 30% smaller than an adult small hive beetle! How is this supposed to allow an adult small hive beetle into a trap? It Can't!

It's no wonder than many people try this trap, say it doesn't work and move on to somethng else.  This is literally the best trap type to use for small hive beetles! Freeman style small hive beetle traps, when used with the correct mesh cloth are 99.9% effective in ridding a hive of small hive beetles. I have seen countless hives "on the brink" of being over-run completely recover in 48 hours after the introduction of a freeman style small hive beetle trap.


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